# HB000210 - HYPER 8 PRO KIT

Giá : 9,165,000 VNĐ


HB000210 1/8 HYPER 8 PRO KIT(M8-S)






  After the success of the Hyper 7 in the 1/8th off road sector, improving the breed was always going to be a challenge to our designers. Developing a buggy that was better yet different was the mandate, and what a result we had with the Hyper 8 Pro.

  Its superb on-track handling, robustness and strength coupled with affordability have seen the Hyper 8 become a huge hit in many of the world's major markets. Equally at home in the hands of club or world class drivers such as Spanish Champion Robert Batlle, former World Champion Greg Degani, fellow American and World's Finalist Jeremy Kortz or Finnish Champion Joseph Quagraine the Hyper 8 Pro has set records and captured titles all over the World.

  The Hyper 8 is the only choice for racers looking for performance and value without paying the odds for a 'name'. With an international racing team the Hyper 8 is continually being developed as we strive to improve on our Top Qualifier position in the 2005 World Championships.







   1. No, E-clips, Inboard hinge pins in captive supports front and rear. Outboard hinge pins secured with setscrew

   2. Front caster block has interchangeable inserts for different caster angles

   3. Roll bars have one piece moulded connectors, which are accurate and lightweight

   4. New front upper arm mount to allow easy removal and secure hinge pin fit

   5. New lightweight suspension arms curved to maintain strength

   6. Gearbox casing now smaller and not chassis mounted for protection. With diff mounted lower

   7. Front lower arm holder feautures adjustable kick up

   8. New fuel tank does not require 90deg opening for fast filling

   9. Steering features variable Ackerman angle set up center tie-bar

  10. Rear hubs feature interchangeable inserts to alter track width by 0.15mm each side

  11. Steering ball ends shaped to allow maximum steering lock without fouling

  12. Shock feature 3.5mm shafts and more space behind diaphragm for more consistent performance

  13. Adjustable wheelbase

  14. Large air filter profiled for better air induction

  15. Switch mounted down for safety










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